Monday, September 3, 2012

Idea, Copyright Me

The other day I found myself thinking about my plan in case I ever open a nail salon (you know, like everyone does). I decided that I would offer a really nice deal to women who were all kinds of pregnant. If you bring in your ultrasound picture and you're 6+ months pregnant, you can get a basic pedicure for like $5.

I figure at that point, a lot of women can't reach their feet plus they're all swollen and junk. So they don't have to spend lots of money on toe maintenance (plus they don't have to walk around with a pedicure their husbands attempted). And the business major in me should also point out that I could potentially create a lifelong customer based on this generosity. That's money in the bank, people.

The odds of me opening a nail salon are not that good, but I'm claiming ownership of this idea right now. So if you ever see a nail salon offering this promotion, you do me a solid, go in there, and say, "Hey! Erin Black deserves a check!" You might have to show them this post as proof.

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