Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Breaking Mad

I stayed home today since my pink eye decided to come back. Lovely. I totally love having pink eye again and again. It started showing up yesterday and I woke up at 1:30 am with a swollen eye, so I got things ready for a substitute. Thankfully by midday I seemed to be doing better. My eye is still very red and sore but there's no contagious crap coming out of it (I know you wanted those appetizing details). Since I seemed to be a bit better I decided to run a few errands.

I remembered that when I tried to buy my regular supply of decongestants last week that I was denied. I checked the website they gave me and it said I could but more on February 20th. This didn't make much sense to me because I buy the 12 hour decongestants but I only take one per day, so I only use it half as much as directed but whatever. So there I am, trying to buy my drugs and I was turned away again. WTF?! All I'm trying to do is keep my head from exploding, not start my own Breaking Bad scenario.

I suppose the government doesn't believe me. Apparently the new law is that you are allowed to buy three months worth of pseudoephedrine per year. Guess who's already met that amount? Yours truly! The girl at the pharmacy told me that my doctor can give me a prescription and that doctors will be more lenient about giving prescriptions because of the new law. It's still frustrating. I want to buy one box of the stuff each month, not twenty boxes every week. Is it like this in every state or just states like My Old Kentucky Home? Probably just states with super classy meth makers! So thanks, Meth Heads. Thanks for making life even more miserable for allergy sufferers! 

And I figured that as long as I was pissed off about a variety of things today, I might as well go ahead and look at my taxes (lol). I hate filing taxes. It seems so unnecessarily confusing. And since I'm repaying student loans I have to do the 1040 form as opposed to the 1040-EZ. That sucks! As soon as my mind starts reading all that legalise it turns off. I can't comprehend it, no matter how hard I try. The more I think about it the funnier I find my degree in business! 

I'm not opposed to paying taxes, that's how the country runs or whatever. I just hate doing the actual work. And I don't even have that much to do for taxes; no dependents, no mortgage, etc. Whenever I actually have to fill in the majority of the lines on the tax form I'm totally going to need an accountant. I think that the government should offer free tax filing for people who don't break the law. Every year you don't break the law, you get a free accountant for tax time...kind of like that vanishing deductible in the Nationwide Insurance commercials. Or maybe you get entered in a raffle to receive free tax filing or something.

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