Monday, July 1, 2013

Deep Thoughts by Erin Black

I absolutely love Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. I have 2 books full of them and when I taught high school I had a quote of the day board and it was frequently home to some Deep Thoughts. Now most students would be all like, "What's that?" And then I would have to say, "Gather 'round my children and I shall tell you a tale...there was a time when Saturday Night Live was consistently funny..." But then some kids (who were obviously being raised right) would come in and actually know about Deep Thoughts and Jack Handey and I'd be like, "Well played. A+ for you."

Lately, I've found myself having my own special brand of Deep Thoughts, so I decided to start my own list! This is, Deep Thoughts by Erin Black...

  • The other night I was attempting to disassemble my humidifier in order to properly clean and disinfect it and that's when it hit me: I didn't choose the thug life; thug life chose me.
  • Whenever I hear someone talk about "old fashioned fun" I want to say, "Did you know that there was a time when going to watch hangings was like the thing to do? Bet that really puts kids and their dang iPods into perspective, doesn't it?"
That's all for now. I'm not trying to overwhelm you with deep thoughts. After all, Jack Handey only did one (maybe two) per episode of SNL. Besides, I'm pretty busy getting ready for my trip to China! I can't believe it's almost here. I leave in nine days. Thankfully the lessons are all planned, my portion of the money is all raised and turned in, all I have left to do is organize and pack.

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