Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oddly, that Doesn't Seem Crazy

Over the holidays, a friend stopped by for a visit and I explained the whole crazy Facebook situation that went down back in September. She thought the name sounded familiar but couldn't place the girl--that's when we decided to see if my friend was friends with her on Facebook...and she was! Naturally, we snooped about for a bit. And then it occurred to me: Had she made any status updates about me?
It took awhile to find, because she had a lot of updates...but we finally found it. To be honest, I expected something crazier:

My favorite part is where her friend mentions how ridiculous I'm sorry, "ridic" it is when people flip out over things that happen on Facebook. I couldn't agree more; for example, someone flipping out when they're defriended. There was also an update after this one about "being so sick of someone" and how she couldn't wait to be "far away from you". My friend thought that status was about me, too. I guess it could be...although, to my knowledge we were never in any close proximity to each other.

Oh well. The point is, she's still on Facebook and appears to have gotten over the injustice of a defriending from me. I guess you reach a point where you just have to pick up the pieces and move on (after you tell someone you hope they die soon, of course).

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