Monday, January 25, 2010

Work is Hard...who knew?

In case anyone was wondering what it was like to start teaching mid-way through a school year, allow me to fill you in: it's crazy! I feel like I've been non-stop busy ever since my first day. There are all these other things I want to do (i.e., blogging) but I just don't have time. I suppose the beginning will be like that just because I have to set up a lot of stuff, plan lessons, etc. It won't always be so crazy! Despite the craziness, I'm still really happy to have a job and am enjoying what I do...which is a new and foreign concept to me! Here are some upcoming blog topics:
  • Amy Jo and I watch Jersey Shore...and she loves it.
  • My plan to purchase the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple
  • Undoubtebly, there will be a number of blogs about the goings-on at school and the hilarious situations I so often encounter
There is an alleged blizzard to come this week...perhaps I'll get some unexpected free time.

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