Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do I Look Stupid, Glee?

While I would never classify myself as a "gleek" (mainly because that is the dumbest word ever) I will say that I enjoyed watching Glee last year. The plot was always kind of ridiculous, but so are the plots to most musicals. The main thing was that the songs were good--so good that I could stomach some of the silliness in order to get to the songs. The ends justified the means. I was all excited for this season to start back up...apparently, I shouldn't have been excited.

If anyone reading this watches Glee, you know that the plot lines have gone from silly to balls-to-the-wall moronic. I don't care for having my intelligence insulted on a weekly basis. The songs are still good, but I can't handle watching everything that happens in between the songs. I feel embarrassed when I watch I need to have the doors locked, ready to change channels when someone comes in. I felt a similar feeling when I was waiting for my dentist appointment a few weeks ago, being forced to watch Disney Channel's Life on Deck.

As I'm sure you're aware, I love TV. I don't make this decision to stop watching Glee lightly. Once I'm invested in a show, I try to see it through. For example, I'm still watching The Office despite the fact that it hasn't been consistently good in several years. Now, if The Office doesn't call it quits after Steve Carrell leaves, I'm done. But I suppose that's another post for another day.

Who knew that a show could jump the shark by the second season? In a way, that's a bit impressive. But not impressive enough for me to keep watching.

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Anonymous said...

See, I was concerned with the idea of this show from the beginning...I was debating subjecting myself to the drama...Glad to know I made the right choice.

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