Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Late Night Thoughts: The Babysitters Club

My childhood's most memorable smell.
For some reason, after I took my dogs out around 2 a.m. my brain decided to alternate between coming up with ideas for work projects and reminiscing about products from my childhood. One part of my brain would have an epiphany about the Title I Handbook and then another part would say, Hey, remember the smell from the Creepy Crawlers machine? That sure was a specific smell.

Eventually I landed on The Babysitters Club. Like many millenial girls I devoured every BSC novel. All I wanted was to move to Stoneybrook and start attending meetings. Unfortunately for me, Stoneybrook was fictional and I actually wasn't that into babysitting. Real life babysitting shenanigans are far less glamorous and delightful than those dreamt up by Ann M. Martin.

I, too, pined for the
perfect boy.
Everybody had a favorite babysitter. And mine was Claudia. We were both artists with a Clarissa Explains It All fashion-sense. We both enjoyed Nancy Drew and junk food. Clearly, same person. I've even tried my hand at solving a mystery of my own and I feel as though my love of junk food and sugar goes without saying. Plus, Claudia was Japanese and that dove-tailed nicely with my childhood desire to be Asian.

Yes you read that correctly. Oh, has that particular goal never presented itself on this blog? Goal is a strong word. But when I was in early elementary school my best friend was Chinese-American and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. At some point, I realized this could never be.

Anyway, I'd like to thank 2 a.m. for this little stroll down memory lane and BuzzFeed for this delightful list of BSC Factoids.

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