Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online Dating

As I have previously mentioned, I've been giving the whole online dating thing a whirl and it's been quite an experience. For the most part, I have not been a fan of the whole thing. All of the guys who have contacted me have been far from my type. Some of them seem to be perfectly nice guys, just not what I'm looking for. On the other hand a large number of them have been disturbing.

I initially joined Match and was getting the craziest responses (for the most part). After about 2 months, my friend mentioned having success on Christian Mingle. I poked around on Christian Mingle, just to see how the sites compared. I got a few messages on CM and my curiosity took hold of me. I got a small membership just so I could read the emails. At the end of the day, the sites are the same. But the point is, I'm on two dating sites and I'm seeing no results on either one.

Now, some people are telling me to start giving them chances. I can see how you'd think that I'm being too picky or judgmental but I've "said yes" to a number of profiles that have been sent my way. The problem is, none of those guys have felt the same way.

I promise I'm not holding out for a hero (lol, how often do you get a chance to reference that 80s classic?). I'm not going to say yes to someone just because they message me (or wink or smile or whatever the lingo on the site is). I don't want to lead someone on in the name of getting more dating experience.

I'm waiting for these memberships to expire (still checking the sites regularly) and then I'm hanging up my online dating career. It works for some people, I just don't think I'm one of them. Now, I have no idea what (if anything) will work for me but I'm so over trying this option. I'm ready for the Internet to go back to its intended purpose: funny pictures of cats.

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