Thursday, January 31, 2013

I knew I forgot something...

When I posted some random thoughts yesterday, I knew that I'd forgotten at least one of them. Obviously that bugged me like crazy but the good news is that I remembered it today!

I heard about this contest on the radio where you can enter for a chance to either win $1,000 or be Bruno Mars's BFF for a day. You get to fly out to LA, go to his latest music video taping, and shopping (probably other stuff, too). Personally I'd take the $1,000. It's not that I hate Bruno Mars or anything but I can't really imagine shopping with him. I don't like shopping with my actual friends--I prefer to shop alone! What would we talk about?
  • "Hey Bruno Mars, what do you think of these pants?"
  • "Hey Bruno Mars, can you see if they have this shirt in a larger size?"
  • "Could you do me a favor, Bruno Mars? Since I didn't win that $1,000 I'm going to need to borrow some cash to pay for all this stuff."
  • "Listen up Bruno Mars, as my bestie for the day you're going to need to help me sort through my life and stuff. Let's begin."

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