Monday, January 14, 2013

Irrationally Irked

I will freely admit that I find a large number of things to be irksome. Some of them make perfect sense (at least, to me). However, there are several things that even I realize are completely nonsensical, irrational, and have no basis whatsoever.

  • Momma: I'm not saying that my mother bothers me (well, every once in awhile). For some ridiculous reason, I hate when people spell the word that way. I believe it was meant to spelled mama. I think it bothers me that I cannot pinpoint a specific reason that people would spell it one way or another. It's not a regional thing, like saying hoagie or grinder. It's just a personal choice. And I don't like it.
  • Buggy: This may seem a bit dramatic, but hearing people use the word buggy to describe a shopping cart can at times sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. When I hear the word buggy, I expect the word dune to precede it. I say cart. It's a cart, short for shopping cart. That makes sense. I also don't like when people call it a basket because it is much bigger than a basket. A basket can be carried in your hand.
  • iOS: This one is just something my mom says that I think sounds odd. I have always pronounced the name of this operating system by saying every letter individually. I-O-S. That's how I've always heard it pronounced by my friends and I assume it to be correct, but what do I know? However, Amy Jo says I-OS. Like it's a word. And that may very well be correct, but I don't like the way it sounds in my ear. If I were a kinder person, I wouldn't bring it up. But if I were a kinder person, I probably wouldn't have a blog.
  • Offline: This is actually something I want to say, but never know if it's technically accurate. When I order something on the Internet, I always want to say that I got it offline. It doesn't make sense even when I look at it, but for some reason my brain wants to say it! I suppose it irks me that it doesn't actually make sense.

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