Monday, January 7, 2013

Soo...what are you wearing?

The question of the week on Christian Mingle is actually kind of vague and stupid: What are some suggestions for date night outfits? First of all, there has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not they want you to describe what you would wear or what you think the opposite sex should wear. I'm pretty sure they mean what the opposite sex should wear (since that's who is reading the responses), but I definitely understand the confusion. As you can imagine, the responses have been classic. Here are some of the more amazing ones (and of course, my comments). Please note that I am leaving all typos as I found them.

  • Boots, Carhartts and a tshirt :) What's the point in looking any different than I always do? Looks never did save one's soul. Way to make anyone who is at all concerned with their appearance feel bad.
  • Confident colors. What makes a color confident?
  • No holes visible in front of shirt and no missing buttons! Men: shirt must match socks! If no shirt, then No socks! Ladies, shoes must match purse! Good thing to know that the holes in the back of my shirt are acceptable...provided my shoes and purse match (I guess we're dating in the past).
  • No matter what you wear, make sure there's enough room for the holy spirit between you and date. I would hate for my outfit to take up all the space between my date and me. So no Lady Gaga accessories, I guess.
  • be clean, well groomed, dress up, brush teeth, comb hair, smell good, don't look like just got a haircut. The majority of the list is pretty low maintenance, but what's up with looking like you just got a haircut?
  • be yourself ... a natural woman is so much more attractive than a woman covered in war paint. There's nothing wrong with preferring a lady sans makeup, but calling it war paint seems a bit intense.
  • Victoria's Secret is a place you ought to be............LOLLOL I appreciate the honesty, but seriously? Oh, and this dude is 71.
  • How would you want to be dressed if you ran into your Pastor ! ? The beauty of attending a mega church is that my pastor doesn't know who I am and wouldn't recognize me in public.
  • Clothing that is a frame for your face in which the Glory of God shines. That's intense. I don't remember off the top of my head, but I guarantee this guy's username involved God or Lord or something. Like "LivingforHim78" or "GolferforJC". Those names annoy me, as you might imagine.
  • Nothing too revealing. You don't want to give the wrong impression of your intentions. But all of my intentions merit revealing clothing!
  • Modesty, modesty, modesty. No whale tails please. In case you were confused about whether or not a visible thong qualified as immodest or not.
  • A good Christian girl will always bring condoms with her. This guy's profile was borderline schizophrenic. You'd better believe I'll be investigating him, more.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion and dont "put everything out there". Wearing a genuine smile that comes from having the joy God gives.
  • Keep it classy...never want to wear something that would lead your date into temptation. Classic.
  • Dress humble and proffessional. If you dress promiscuously you could make a man lustful and like you for your looks not for YOU. Dress I'm going on a job interview?
  • Modest and appropriate for venue, like jeans for rodeo or suit for church! Those are always the 2 date options for me: rodeo or church.
  • Shoes clean pants & skirt. Pants and's bold.
  • No plaid!
  • Something very sexy, short, sleeveless, and tight. At least he's honest.
  • Something complicated and covered, but not like a Nun...;-) Complicated? Like lots of buttons and snaps or something?
  • Dress how you want your date to see you. Attractive but not to sexy. You should ask the Lord to He gives wisdom. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to look sexy. And I hope The Lord has better things to do than tell me what not to wear.
  • If you'll wear it to church, then no matter the color or style, you look beautiful in it. Amen!! I don't know, I've dressed pretty sloppily at church.
  • Yes, if it cold I tend to wear a coat, if it is coat.......... Dramatic pause there before the big reveal!
  • Whatever you do, do it as for The wear clothes as to glorify God not yourself or your body.
  • Neon is an aphrodisiac.
  • Don't dress in a fashion as to cause your brother to stumble. Again, classic.
  • Absolutely no pants or pullover type shirts dress to impress. I'm pretty sure he wants you to wear a skirt or dress rather than pants; but he should really clarify. Maybe he wants me to show up pantsless.
  • Cowgirl, in a leather skirt and boots. Don't forget the hat. Spurs optional! Well, if I'm wearing the rest of the getup I might as well throw on some spurs.
  • When you are dressing, look in God's mirror rather than your mirror.
  • nurses Creepy.
  • No revealing or tight clothing. Dress professional & discreet. Again with the professional thing.
  • Tight pants, low cut blouses, wonder bra, 5 inch heels. This creeper was 71 years old. What's with the horny 71 year olds?
  • Something opaque. Modesty is a must :-P Opaque. No translucent or transparent clothing, please!
  • Motives are everything. Do we just dress to impress other people? Man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.

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