Thursday, December 17, 2009

She Could be a Farmer in Those Clothes

One word: Farmville. I have nothing against people who participate in Farmville on Facebook...but I do not, for 3 seconds, understand the point of it. I also have no desire to don some CGI overalls and start plowing the virtual back 40 on my fake farm. Here's my question to all the faux farmers: How many times do I have to ignore your Farmy requests before you stop asking me?

I hate when I sign into Facebook and I have "fake" notifications. Here I am, thinking that somebody wrote on my Wall or commenting on a picture...and it's a damn thing about "new flair," Farmville, Sorority Life and Mafia Wars. I dream of a day in which I don't receive these notifications.

Am I giving off some sort of virtual farming vibe? Is there something about my personality that says, "Hey, invite that lady to have a pointless, fake farm"? If that is the case, please tell me because I clearly need to stop doing whatever is causing it. I'm not hating on people who participate in Farmville--if you want to do that, so be it. I'm sure that if I investigated Farmville, it would become my newest obsession. I don't have the time to take on a new stop with the requests!

I'm on Facebook for social networking and friendly stalking--and nothing more.

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