Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Array of Strange Things

Lately I've been noticing all these weird little things. So I've been taking pictures of said things...and I've decided to discuss them right now.
The first item up was something I observed while in my car the other night. XM radio always tells me who is singing the song, but never before have they told me how to pronounce the name. It would really come in handy these days with Iyaz, Ke$sha, Orianthi, etc...

Up next, I was so relieved to discover that I'm not the only one who's thinking of this. Has anyone noticed how hard Eminem sucks lately? Remember back in the 8 Mile days...he was talented. And now, every song sounds the same--all whiny and obnoxious. I'm shocked that Dr. Dre still associates with him...I know I wouldn't.

So I'm perusing Texts From Last Night on my phone before I went to bed (as I do almost every night) and I stumble across this. Purity Ring app? Really...that's a thing? You'd better believe I looked that up. And it is. There is a Purity Ring app you can download for your phone (after you pay the $0.99). What does it do you ask? Well I'll tell ya. It just shows a picture of a ring that says purity. Clearly, it's a wise financial decision (even in these tough economic times). While I was checking out the app itself, I decided to look at the reviews.

The first app is simply insane. I can't tell if this person is serious or not...the 5 stars makes me think that they're serious, as does the username "Sermon in Shoes". I love the next review--all it says is that the app doesn't work. Do they mean that the app itself does not function, or do they mean that the app did not help protect their virginity? I kinda hope it's the second option there. If an iPhone application can't protect your virginity, what can?

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