Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seriously, Facebook? Yikes

This is a super-mini post before I get in the shower to get ready for church. I'm almost always amused when I glance at the ads on the side of my Facebook page. It takes information from your profile and tries to tailor the ads to your interests...pretty smart I suppose [in theory].

Since I'm single [and ready to mingle], many of my ads are for dating services. Usually the guy in the picture is 1000x hotter than any guy who would be on any dating site, but whatever. Sometimes the ads get particularly specific as well. For awhile, I kept getting an ad for Catholic singles...I'm not Catholic. This morning, for the first time, I saw this ad.

I have several issues with this ad. One, the guy is not cute. Two, his hat is on sideways...and I think he's serious about it. And three, the text of this ad is generic, "meet cute guys in your area". How is is not, "Holla atcha Boy" or "Meet a Boo in Your Area"? And I'm not saying this because he's's the sideways hat. Anyone wearing their hat like that is not to be taken seriously. And they probably talk like Lil Wayne. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a Lil Wayne song as much as the next person--but I'm not looking to date him. 

If the "cute" single guys out there look like the guys I teach...we have a problem and I suppose I'll just stay single. If only there were a "dislike" option at the bottom of this ad.

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Amanda Griffith said...

This is hilarious :) I get ads about babies ALL of the time. This wouldn't be nearly as upsetting if it was a baby in a sideways hat.

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