Friday, June 18, 2010

A Little PC Deja Vu

Not too long after I wrote my last post, my computer went insane. I was watching some Law & Order SVU on Netflix, when the entire screen went black. It took a good 40 minutes for the computer to turn back on and when it did--all my crap was gone! I flipped out just a little. I took the computer to the trusty Geek Squad at Best I was explaining the problem to the guy, he said, "So, all your stuff was gone?" I told him that it was and he said, "Ummm, all this stuff?"

For whatever reason, a whole bunch of my documents decided to appear only at Best Buy...making me look like a crazy person. It was awesome. Anyway, so they were going to run a diagnostic test on the thing and get back to me. About 2 days later they called and said that despite the test, the computer was still randomly turning off. I gave them the go-ahead to send it to the manufacturer to figure it out.

The manufacturer called me yesterday and let me know that I needed a new hard-drive which was going ot be another $200. So, I think I'm probably just going to buy a new one. The pain in the ass thing about technology is that as soon as you pay for it, it's old. I figure there's no point in paying tons to fix something that's already out of date. Plus, I can get a PC without the God-forsaken Vista. So that's what the situation is regarding a lack of posting. I sent the information on the computer I might buy to my brother for him to look at, and once he says it looks like a good one, I'll be able to get it and get back on a regular posting schedule.

The really irritating thing is that I went through all of this not too long ago. I bought this computer at the end of July 2008. I don't know what made it flip out...I hope I don't do it again.

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