Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Way to Ruin it for Everyone

I've had it up to here with these ridiculous Asian comments that are actually nothing but porn links. To aid this visual, I should tell you that I am holding my hand as high above my head as I can--although that's not very high (I'm only 5 feet tall).

I think we all remember the origin of the comment fiasco. Luckily, my brother is some sort of honorary member of all Asian communities, so he had someone translate it for me...it seemed nice enough. And then I clicked on the link. Porn. And not just run of the mill porn (the porn next door, if you will). This was some crazy shit...fetishes and the like. For all you CSI fans out there, I'm sure Lady Heather knew about this stuff.

I thought I could keep it under control; deleting the comments as they came in. But I'm no match for this industry. So, the day has come. I am now moderating all comments before allowing them to be posted. It felt like the teachery thing to do. It blows, and I'd like to thank these weirdos for making it a necessity. Talk about one bad apple fortune cookie spoiling it for the whole bunch. I don't care if that statement seems politically incorrect--because so are porn link comments.

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Jess said...

hahahahaha-this is awesome.

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