Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School's [Almost] Out for Summer

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive. Things at school have gotten really busy (end of the semester madness)--but the good news is that school gets out this Thursday. That's T minus 2 days people. I've had a great first semester, but it's been a bit overwhelming at times. I'm definitely ready for a break. And for me, breaks include blogging!

I have been having my same random thoughts on life and quirky experiences as per usual, so there's definitely not a lack of material. I'll try not to overload everyone with a dozen posts every day (although I make no promises).

All that being said, do not be surprised if I don't have anything posted this weekend. On a sad note, we are saying goodbye to our family dog this Saturday. Jake has been a great dog and we love him but his health is declining in his old age and we don't want him to suffer. He's actually sitting next to me as I type this (as he often does), and I can tell that he's ready. It was a really hard decision that has us all pretty upset, but we know that it's the right decision.

Obviously, I might not be in the mood to provide my typical humorous observations and commentaries for you this weekend. I don't plan on posting a really weepy lamentation either--I'm honestly doing enough of that inside my brain. I might think of some funny Jake stories for some sort of tribute post, but who knows? Whatever I decide to do, know that Jake is a pretty awesome dog and I love him a lot.

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k_squared_ said...

Give the guy a kiss for me! Max will be waiting for him at the pearly gates.