Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Want to Meet This Baby

I've already seen this commercial about 10 times today...and I love it every time. I want to meet this baby. He's so fashion-forward. In a world of crappy commercials, every once in awhile they manage to get it right. This one cracks me up! If I knew any babies, I'd totally buy them these diapers.

This commercial makes me think of an episode of Friends called, "The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits". After Amy babysits Emma for one afternoon (and pierces her ears--you know, to make her nose look smaller) she decides she wants to be a baby stylist.
Amy: I'm going to be a baby stylist.
Rachel: What?
Ross: That's not a thing!
Amy: Well, it should be. I'm going to help babies learn how to accessorize, what colors to wear, what clothes are slimming...
Rachel: Babies don't care if they're slim!
Amy: Enter Amy.
For whatever reason, I can't embed the video so you'll have to settle for a link.

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