Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday I stumbled upon a CSI marathon on Spike and immediately began watching. I'm so used to watching things on the DVR and fast-forwarding through the commercials that I kept getting confused...not to mention irritated. And speaking of irritation, I kept seeing promos for the show Pros vs. Joes. I think it's where regular people have to play sports against professionals or something, I don't really care. Normally, the mere existance of a show doesn't upset me (unless it's on FOX News), but Pros vs. Joes had me pissed off.

Apparently, an upcoming episode of Pros vs. Joes will feature a "fallen sports icon": Michael Vick. Apparently, Michael Vick can win back our love and admiration by participating on some dumb-ass show. I'm absolutely appalled that the show would include that douchebag.

Michael Vick was convicted of financing and profitting from an illegal dog-fighting ring. He also admitted to assisting in the "destruction" of poor-performing dogs through methods such as drowning or hanging. He was sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison. Don't even get me started on how light of a sentence I think that is. I have no sympathy for people who abuse animals or children--I'm very "an eye for an eye" in those situations.

There were almost 50 dogs confiscated from Vick's property and many of those dogs had to be put down due to health issues or an inability to be rehabilitated. 22 of Vick's dogs were sent to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Best Friends is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that kindness towards animals makes the world a better place for everyone. These dogs have been successfully rehabilitated at Best Friends; they're called The VICKtory dogs. Some of the dogs will be able to be adopted, and others will probably live out their lives at Sanctuary.

The more times I saw the promo, the more I thought about those poor dogs. And that's when I decided on the only Pros vs. Joes episode with Michael Vick I would support: Michael Vick vs. Dog Fighting Ring. I think he should be literally thrown to the dogs.

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