Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why I Want to Punch Things: Old Navy

Old Navy really irritates me. I remember when they first started and everyone was like, "Whoa, this place is great." And it was. Lots of cute clothes for pretty decent prices--what's not to love? Plus, did anyone else ever notice how Old Navy sizes tended to run bigger? That's the key to success in my book. I was watching Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss the other day, and Randy mentioned that wedding dresses run about 4 sizes small. That's ridiculous! That means that if you wear a 12 normally, you'll be trying on a size 16 wedding dress. Of all the days a person does not want to feel fat, I'd say that their wedding day ranks in at number one (or at least the top 5). If I had a clothing line, I'd make everything run big. Anyway.

The first thing that happened to make me not like Old Navy was that their quality went to Hell. Everything in that store looked like crap. Plus, almost everything was made of 100% cotton. I'm against that because it gets all stretched out and looks gross on you. So I stopped going there. No big deal, I stop going places all the time.

The thing that makes me legitimately mad at Old Navy is their commercials. Do they have a room full of people who sit around and say, "What's the most irritating thing we could put in a commercial?...Whatever it is, let's do it!" I'm pretty sure they do. Like these mannequins who talk--WHAT EVEN IS THAT?! Those commercials make me want to punch things. Even if I liked Old Navy, I'd have a hard time buying clothes from people who think talking mannequins are going to influence my purchase habits. I will admit that I like their dog clothes and that I just bought Lola's Halloween costume there...she's going to be a bumblebee.

And how about the newest of the "Supermodelquins" commercials that also feature real people? I know it's got to be hard to be an actor...but have some self-respect for crying out loud. I'd rather star only in Lifetime and or Hallmark made for TV movies than be in an Old Navy commercial.

Now Target knows how to make a commercial. I have a lot of respect for the people in marketing and advertising at Target. I'd kind of like to meet them, because why are they so good at their job?!

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Jess said...

I hate their commercials as well....

As for the wedding dresses. Mine was a 16. I had to have some alterations done, but there was no way to even consider fitting in a 12 or 14. It just wasn't happening.

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