Friday, June 8, 2012

Hitting the fan

Once again, I've slacked on my blog posting. I feel like this time, I've got a pretty good excuse. There were rumors of pink slipping (when untenured teachers' contracts are not renewed for another's not officially being fired, but it definitely feels like it). I spent several weeks preparing to defend myself if need be. I don't know what I thought having a "defense" would accomplish, but it felt better than sitting around doing nothing. Before Spring Break, it appeared as though I was safe--no pink slip for me. Unfortunately, when I returned from Spring Break I found out that I was not so lucky. I was pink slipped. On the plus side, I was able to enjoy my Spring Break at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

After that, things seemed to spiral. I couldn't imagine teaching anywhere else, but it appeared as though that's what was in the cards. I had to start applying for jobs and planning to move everything out of my classroom. On top of all that, I still had about 6 weeks of school left to teach. It's hard to finish out a job when you know you won't be returning to that job. However, I care about my students too much to just check out and go on autopilot.

With all the job related stress, my diet and exercise got out of control as well. So now, here I am--a hot mess. I'm determined to get control of at least one aspect of my life, though. On the bright side, I've got time on my hands to write some posts. I've actually had one written on my phone for awhile, but I literally have not had time to post it. I'm also currently working on a post instructing you how to be on the show Bridezillas. Without further ado, here is a less pitiful post.

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