Monday, June 18, 2012

More psychic moments

I've mentioned before that I can be oddly psychic. Perhaps psychic is too strong of a word; if you're more comfortable with intuitive, that works too. I tend to just get weird feelings about things sometimes. It's usually never anything super important. And as much as I'd like to talk to ghosts and stuff, no such luck (and buddy, I have tried). I will say that my intutive moments are becoming more specific as time goes by.

Before my brother graduated from Purdue in 2011, he was working on his senior design project. I have to take a moment and mention that it won for best design or whatever and it is being patented and shopped around to companies and all kinds of big time important stuff. Check it out here.

One day, I thought about Will working away at his project and I hoped it was going well. All of the sudden I thought about him not being able to get a part of the project to work. The next thing I saw in my mind was Will praying about it and then the next thing he tried fixed the project. I also saw him call my mom and tell her that. That doesn't seem that impressive until I mention that my brother is not one to pray. He doesn't really go to church or follow any specific religion; he's agnostic (at least the last time I checked). So that was the end of that thought. Later that day, on my way home from work, my phone rang and it was my mom. She was all excited and said she had some amazing news to tell me. I already knew that she was going to tell me all about Will and what had happened--and she did. Pretty much word for word, what had happened in my head apparently went down in West Lafayette, IN. I thought that was pretty cool.

The next example happened just last week. I had a dream about a friend of mine. I don't see her that often any more because she doesn't live in Lexington. All I know is what I see in my Facebook newsfeed. I had a dream that I got a pink envelope in the mail. I opened it up and there was a card inside, along with the card was a polaroid picture of some rings. I read the note and it said something about how she and her boyfriend were dumpster diving (this part of the dream is not accurate, they do not dive through dumpsters looking for goodies) and they found these cool rings. One of the rings had a ruby on it, I don't really remember the other one. Turns out, these rings fit and they took it as a sign that they should get married. So, this card was an invitation to their wedding that would be going down in a week or 2. This dream was so vivid that when I woke up, I creeped on her Facebook to see if it had happened. Later that day, I relayed the dream to a mutual friend to make sure that it hadn't happened. Once I confirmed that it had been a dream, I messaged my friend to tell her about it. Her response (other than loving the bit about the dumpster diving) was that they had in fact been looking at rings lately (in normal ring places, not dumpsters). Again, not that impressive. They've been together for awhile, they live together, it's a natural progression. However, the ring that they picked out on Etsy has a ruby in it. Oddly specific, am I right?

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