Sunday, June 10, 2012

So close

It has come to my attention that I experience irrational feelings of frustration when I find out a celebrity is married. It's always fun to imagine that Dave Barnes is writing an amazing song about me, or that certain comedians (like Mike Birbiglia) and I would host hilarious dinner parties. I like to keep my imaginations as authentic as possible, so before you know it I'm looking up this guy on Wikipedia to make sure he's not a Scientologist or a right-wing nut job. But then I find out they're married! Then I start to feel bad for myself...because that is apparently the only thing stopping our hypothetical love. Never mind that we would never meet in real life or a massive age difference. As far as my brain is concerned, it was a sure thing. It's almost funny how irritated I get. It makes no sense at all, but when I finally find someone who is single (as confirmed by a Wikipedia or Facebook page) that's going to be one of the many delightful traits to love about me.

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