Friday, November 9, 2012

Election Day Retrospectus

I had a number of random thoughts on Election Day that I bought I'd share with you.

  • Best/most amazing thing about Election Day: Taking part in the democratic process. Second best: sleeping in.
  • The next time I vote for President, I'll be in my 30s. I will no longer be part of the youth vote.
  • Why do these other parties even have candidates for President? The Green Party? The Libertarian Party? Come on man, we all know you ain't winning this thing. Do you think they vote for themselves or do they know better than to waste their vote?
  • Pick 4 names for soil and water something? What the heck is that?! Well, I guess I'll pick the four names I like the best. Sorry, Random Dude lost my vote because your name has Jr.
  • I'm failing to see this as the "nail biting, close call race that the pundits had built it up to be."
  • If Mitt Romney wins, I will refer to him as "Mittens". (Sadly I didn't come up with that; I heard a friend say it)
  • I wonder what it's like to live in a blue state?
  • Hold up. Some states were voting to legalize marijuana? How did I miss that?

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