Saturday, November 17, 2012

Have you no shame?

First of all, I finally figured out how to turn off the auto-renewal on, which is a relief. I'm still a member through December 12 and I'm sure we can squeeze a couple more crazy stories between now and then. The Christian Mingle account runs out some time next week.

I did notice a super sneaky move by Match...on the site's toolbar, the home button has always been on the far left (just like me, haha). Apparently, once you deactivate your account the home button moves one space over to the right and its original location is replaced by the "reactivate" button. You're not fooling me, Match. I'm onto you.

I had to fill out something saying why I wasn't renewing my subscription, so naturally I decided to have a little fun. I said I wasn't renewing because I hadn't met as many potential matches as I had anticipated. I had only expected a handful (and I have little hands), but I met zero. Then there was a comment section where you could suggest how to make the site better. I wrote, "It seemed that your definition of a suitable match was that the person was male. It was like I hadn't answered any questions about what I was looking for at all. But don't feel bad, I've been using Christian Mingle and it sucks, too."

One thing I miss from my old job is eating lunch with my friends every day. Most days I sit out in my office [in a portable] and I eat lunch at my desk alone. It's not as pathetic as it sounds, largely in part because I am an introvert and enjoy alone time. The other thing that makes it not pathetic is what I have [just now] named Lunchtime Inter-Webs Exploration. LIWE consists of me clicking around on ridiculous things while enjoying whatever it is I've brought for lunch. My go-to sit is Happy Place. The site is run by the people who run Some E-Cards, and who doesn't love those? Happy Place is a treasure trove of links and lists to awesomeness. For example, screen grabs of Facebook Drama Queens. It's stuff I don't have to think about.

Yesterday, I learned that there's something called We the People on the White House website where people can submit online petitions and try to get people to sign them. Petitions for anything. Even ridiculous stuff. There are certain days in which my job has a lot of small, 30 minute breaks. Not enough time to get a lot accomplished, but enough time to scroll through some weird ass petitions and ask myself, "Why am I just now finding out about this?"

This post has been a very round about way to get to one of my discoveries earlier in the week. There I was, enjoying my LIWE when one story sent me to a website called Mandatory. Based on some initial observations, I can't believe I've never been to this site before now. The story was an experiment in online dating--more specifically, the desperation of men involved in online dating. Nobody's saying that the woman aren't desperate too, they just didn't do a story about us.

The experiment was to see how many guys would chat up a completely guano girl just because she was hot. They posted a cute picture and then made the rest of the profile crazy. And every time a guy tried to IM with her, they sent back the craziest responses. Here's what they received during the first six hours of the profile being posted. And to those guys I ask, have you no shame?

I would also like to thank Mandatory for proving to me that there are plenty of crazier people who could've been after me had I joined some of the shadier online dating sites.

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