Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update: The Reflection Reaction

We have some breaking news on the Course Reflection front. I received an A in the class and on the individual assignment. And I also received a comment on the reflection.
I guess you'll have to click on it. But if you're too lazy, allow me to fill you in: Interesting.
That's it, one word. My reflection was interesting.

Maggie's reflection, on the other hand, received a few more comments...
I was really hoping that the comments on her reflection would involve her mentioning the Eighth Amendment violations. This one is much harder to read because it's so lengthy...
"There were readings in this class...the fact that you didn't realize this tells me a lot about what you actually read in the online classroom. If you don't actually read what is posted, then there is no wonder you were confused. You do not have to complete module 6 to complete module 5. If you don't have Office 2007 you could have bought it in the bookstore for $15 as I pointed out in the intro video."

So, that's that.

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