Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh, I'm Straight...sorry?

It's 1:16 am and Lola and I are just sitting here. I was already awake (stupid multi-tasking brain racing from one pointless thought to another) but then somebody needed me to let her outside to pee, so I got up. Actually I think Lola has fallen back asleep in the time it took to write those first two sentences. I guess your brain doesn't race around much when you're a dog. A funny thing happened to me the other day and I know how much people love to hear about stuff that happens to other people, so here we go.

I was on my lunch break, signing onto Facebook when I saw that I'd received a message earlier in the week. For some reason, the message didn't appear as "new" so I didn't notice it right away. It was from a college friend. She opened by explaining that she had a friend in need of a date for a work Christmas party. Finally, people are starting to realize they can help me find love...right? Somewhat right. The message went on to say that the friend was a girl. My college friend was unsure of my preference in the dating arena so she figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Some people would be mad or offended. And those people would be homophobic...and honestly probably just repressing their own homosexual tendencies. I wasn't mad at all; I mean, the girl was trying to hook me up and I can't hate on that. I even looked at my potential date's profile page and discovered her to be quite pretty. I found that oddly flattering.

Obviously looks aren't everything in a relationship but I tend to think that people pair up with their "equivalent". If we're rating looks on a scale from 1 to 10, the 5s tend to go with the 5s or another close number. If my memory from taking statistics three times in college serves me right (which it might not) I want to say that we tend to stick within one standard deviation of our ranking. Man I hope that sounded smart. If I got it wrong, don't tell me. Anyway, the point is you don't typically see a 2 walking around with a 10. For example, no one has ever said to me, "Wow, Erin, has anyone ever told you that you and Jensen Ackles would really look good together." And you probably don't know who Jensen Ackles is but he's on my new favorite show, Supernatural, and he's so pretty. He's way prettier than me and I have no problem admitting it.

My point is that my attractiveness rating could be close to this lovely girl I'd be accompanying to a Christmas party if it weren't for the fact that I'm straight. I responded to my friend, saying that I was only interested in guys but thanked her for thinking of me. I may have apologized for being straight, I don't remember. But if I did apologize for my heterosexuality it was definitely a first. And part of me did like the idea of going to a Christmas party, but it seemed dishonest to go seeing as how I'm not gay.

Oh well, there will be other parties.

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