Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wanted: Justice

This morning, Amy Jo woke me up to let me know that I had a flat tire. Now I'm sitting here at S&S Tire waiting for it to be replaced. It's my lucky day because ESPN is on in the waiting room and I think we all know how much I love sports.

I was listening to all this fascinating sports news while putting together a puzzle on my fabulous puzzle app when I heard a familiar name: Michael Vick. Apparently, he's had some concussions and still hasn't been cleared to play. Aw, poor guy.

It irritates me so much that Michael Vick has been welcomed back into the NFL after the whole dog-fighting thing. In my mind, dog fighting is one of the most deplorable activities a person can engage in. Anyone who abuses animals, children, or the elderly disgusts me. I think someone who enjoys watching animals kill each other is severely disturbed.

I understand that the law cannot always operate at my desired level of justice. If you ask me, the appropriate sentence for Michael Vick would've been to let the pit bulls rip him to shreds before they had to be euthanized. Because many of those innocent dogs did have to be euthanized. Their minds were so warped by bastards like Vick that they were too dangerous to be rehabilitated. It's only fair that they get to take out that aggression on the man that made them that way.

Our law and justice system doesn't work like that, as much as we might like it to sometimes. Fine. He served minimal time for his crimes, which is something. But why has he been allowed to return to a career in the spotlight where he makes millions of dollars? Why was he given a reality tv show? Why is it possible for his name to be mentioned without any reference to his offensive crimes? That is not fair.

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