Sunday, May 9, 2010


I don't get any sort of notification when people comment on my blog. Maybe I should change the settings so that I do. But ever since the porn-link comment fiasco, I've tried to become more vigilant about checking for comments that need to be deleted. I just posted a new entry and I decided to go through all my comments (there aren't many, haha!) There were a couple I hadn't realized people made.

Once in a blue moon, I'll get a comment [not a porn link] from someone I don't know. I always find this interesting. I wonder how they stumbled across my little blog and what made them read it. I typically assume they were a level of bored that I have never been. A few moments, I found one of these. And the person was pissed at me!

Way back in November, I blogged about not being able to find a Spanish birthday card (specifically a Quinceanera). I was irritated because I found some cards for things that I thought happen with way less frequency than Hispanic girls turning 15. I was also amused at some of the cards I found, like the divorce announcement card. Well, someone else read the post in January and was in turn quite irritated with yours truly.

I think this is pretty funny. It's kind of cool that someone in South America read my blog (I'm using the past tense because I'm sure I pissed her off too much to ever read it again). As I'm re-reading the comment, I'm a little confused. Is she telling me that I live in America so I should learn to speak English? I was born in America and I do speak English. I'm pretty sure I blog in English, too. I just thought that since I was going to a Spanish celebration that would be conducted in Spanish that a Spanish card might be appropriate.

I don't [usually] mean to piss people tends to happen by accident. Oops. On the off chance that you still read my blog, Cristina, sorry to have upset you...and thanks for reading.

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