Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swine Flu Side Effect: More Blog Postings

I know what I forgot to mention in my last post! I've been sick recently, and after a visit to the doctor today, I learned a number of interesting facts:
  • The flu test involves a plastic stick being shoved up your nose.
  • The flu test takes approximately 15 minutes to develop.
  • Sometimes, flu tests will say, "You have Flu A."
  • Flu A is technically classified as H1N1.
  • H1N1 has a little nickname: The Swine Flu.
  • You don't know awkward until you've walked through the crowded waiting room at your doctor's office wearing a surgical mask.
  • Calling up your friends to let them know that you have the swine flu and that they shouldn't hesitate to get tested if they start feeling poorly is probably not all that different than calling up your one night stand to let them know that they should probably get tested for the clap.
What a learning experience! Apparently, this could take up to a week for me to get over. What's this mean for you, dear readers? Well, you can look forward to a surge in posts while I recover. The first post will be a more in-depth look at my experience with the swine flu (and yes, pictures of me in my mask). I also plan on watching some movies with pigs in them (Babe, The Simpsons Movie, etc.).

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