Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Overload: The Thoughts in My Head

First and foremost, I must apologize for my lack of blogging; I've been harassed multiple times, by multiple people (hi, Maggie) about updating so here it is! In my defense I will say that shit has been crazy. Summer school is even more intense than my regularly accelerated program, and then I've had work on top of that. I don't know what my deal has been lately but when I have had a moment to sit down and ponder my blog, I can't get my mind to focus on what I want to write about. There's always a slew of little things floating around in my mind but none of them have been developing into larger concepts lately.

Within the last few weeks there has been such a barrage of media activity that I haven't been able to single out one specific topic. So, there's my questionable defense for not blogging in awhile. I should probably warn you that I don't have any notes for this blog, so it promises to be even more stream of consciousy than usual. I enjoy my stream of conscious writing style, but I do make efforts to control it for the sake of you, my readers.

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't give two shits about Jon and Kate? I never watched that show--the entire concept of eight [young] children gives me anxiety. Plus, I'm afraid that if I watch that show and laugh at them too much that I'll have eight children; because karma is a chameleon, it come and go, it come and go...a whoa whoa. Alls I know is, the other day I logged into Facebook and damn near every status was about freakin' Jon and Kate. "So and so is really upset about Jon and Kate!", "What's Her Face cried at the end of Jon and Kate." I briefly toyed with the idea of defriending everyone who had a Jon and Kate-related status...but I didn't. I guess I can understand people being upset; I mean, if a couple saddled with a busload of children, a reality TV show and a 24 hour media circus can't make it in this world, who can? I will say that I feel genuinely bad for the children; it's never fun when your parents get divorced. Well, I take that back. I loved my Dad's second divorce!

Just when all the Jon and Kate commotion was starting to settle, celebrities started dropping like flies! I mean, what is going on out there in LA?! Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Karl Malden. That's insanity! The really crazy thing is that I've always observed death in waves of three. So, after the first two I was wondering who else would die--not in a morbid way, just in my justification of how the universe works. And then Michael Jackson died and my suspicions of death in threes was confirmed. But then, Billy Mays died and I was completely freaked out! That meant 2 more people were next. It's a lot of sadness all at once. Farrah, MJ and Billy Mays were all so young, and it always upsets me when people die before their time.

Typically I'm all for celebrity gossip, but I'm already tired of all the digging into Michael Jackson's past. Every day they're throwing new, bizzare MJ factoids at us. None of these things surprise me. I feel that we are stating the obvious there. Personally, I have long since resigned myself to the fact that he was a very odd, troubled man. I will admit, again, that these sort of things usually interest me. But I just look at everything he had to face (especially with his dad) and I'm surprised he wasn't more messed up. I just feel bad for him and think we should all leave it alone.

Devotees of my blog may recall that I have a love for infomercials (specifically the cleaning products). It is no shock that the death of Billy Mays was quite a blow. Who is going to tell me what products I should buy? I've been wondering whether or not they're going to reshoot all of his infomercials with new people. That's probably a weird thing to ponder, but nonetheless, I have pondered it. I think it would be weirder to turn on the TV and still hear Billy Mays yelling about "awesome power." I also think they should do some sort of tribute sale of all the products he endorsed; some of my favorites include: Oxi Clean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, Big City Slider, Mighty Putty and Mighty MendIt. I also thought that the grocery store where I work should've had a sale/display on Paul Newman items when he died last year. I'm really not trying to be funny or rude, I think it's a way to say, "Hey, this person was cool, here's some stuff they did." If you'd like to buy an item to remember Billy Mays, I recommend Oxi Clean--basically, it's amazing. The last thing I will say on the death of Billy Mays was that it really made me want to go buy a ShamWow. I know he didn't endorse that, but it's an As Seen on TV item that I really want.

And, I'd like to go on record saying that Vince Shlomi (the ShamWow guy) cannot and will not replace Billy Mays. He doesn't have the he seems like a complete and total douche! First of all, he beats up hookers. Secondly, he wears that weird little headset mic in his commercial and that really bothers me. Is he part of a 1990s boy band or something?

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm in this technology class right now and this session's assignment involves creating a blog. That's been another obstacle in working on this blog. How awesome would it have been if I could've just posted the link to this blog? Sadly, we had to use a specific site to create our blogs and they also have to be fairly tame in content. We have to post at least four times or something. So, I think I'm going to copy, paste and [severely] edit what I write in this blog and insert it into my class blog.

While I do have more to say on a variety of subjects, I think I'm going to start a new post rather than make this one 13 years long.

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