Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't Worry, I'm Alive

I have been house/dog-sitting in Richmond, KY this week and the Internet there is being quite shady. It won't let me do anything on Facebook nor will it let me blog. I have been coming up with some blog topics though. I even wrote 1 out by hand the other day.

I'm done house-sitting on Saturday so by Sunday or Monday you can expect several new posts! I also have to buy a new computer, so that could potentially hinder my blogging abilities. I have been receiving the demands for a new post. Don't worry, it's coming!

Remember, patience is a virtue. You know it's true because I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible. I'm not sure exactly where it is...somewhere in the back I think.

Some of the blogs-to-come include: Music, Batman and Gotham City, and some others that I wrote down but don't remember at the moment.

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