Monday, July 21, 2008

Tire Trouble

Fun fact about me: I know nothing (or very little) concerning cars. I am also a bad driver. That being said, I have a story.
I got my oil changed the other day (I do know that cars need oil) and they informed me that there were some bumps in my tire. I acted really surprised, but I had actually noticed these baseball-sized lumps bulging on the sides of my front right tire...I just decided it was nothing. I believe at one point I told myself that it might be caused by the heat--like it was hot and the rubber expanded. I'm not a scientist, people!

Anyway, so the guy is telling me that when you hit potholes sometimes it can make a perforation in your tire. Apparently there are 2 parts to your tire, an inner and outer tire I guess, and if there's a hole in between them then air can get in there. When the air gets in there, it makes a bubble and apparently that makes your car very susceptible to blow outs. So I learned something new.

Then they brought my tire in to show me the bubbles and I had to act all surprised like I had never noticed those before. The guy said, "Apparently you hit the same pothole 3 or 4 should really watch out for those."

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Jess said...

Did you just ask the guy, "hey can you hold that tire up so I can take a picture of it and add it to my blog?"

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